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On Saturday 16th June, we held our annual summer open day at the nursery.

The day was a great success with many families attending and having lots of fun! There was a wide variety of activities on offer ranging from an inflatable bouncy castle in the main garden to a tractor and trailer ride around the farm and the woods. 

 Everyone that atteneded got the opportunity to either walk up to or stop off during the tractor and trailer ride at our base camp in the woods. There Robert and Bec were busy making jam doughnuts over the fire for everyone to enjoy. Back at nursery families got the chance to walk around and spend some time in each room including the sensory room, which proved very popular especially with parents with babies! Each room had some lovely activities or enhancements such as observation drawings of flowers in Younger Kindergarten or the newly developed gravel pit outside in Toddlers. Toddlers was also the base for facepainting which was certainly popular with many children of all ages. 

As well as the morning being a great opporetunity for families to visit base camp or have a look around the rooms, it was also a chance for them to take a look at how the gardens have began to really take shape and develop over the past few months. 

Thank you to everyone who came and spent some time with us during the open day, we hope you had a lovely time, we certainly did! 

See you same time next year for lots of summer fun!