Our Nursery

Kindergarten Foxes

"Through a curriculum rich in creative and imaginative opportunities young children have the opportunity to develop skills, attitudes and knowledge that will benefit all areas of their learning and development." (Bernadette Duffy, 2006)

  • playing with fairies in the garden

In Kindergarten Foxes we aim to ensure your child becomes an independent, confident and self assured learner who is prepared for moving on to Kindergarten Badgers and then school.

The name 'Kindergarten' was given to this room in 2012 to reflect changes implemented as a result of training we received by Claire Warden in Scotland. Kindergarten literally translates into 'children's garden'.  We felt this was perfect for this room as we promote outdoor learning and aim to be outside for as much time as possible. Ofsted commented 'They provide children with an exceptional range of opportunities in the outdoor area that enables them to practice a wide range of different skills'. We bring the outdoors inside wherever possible, using natural resources to enhance environments and displays. Free Flow is used in this room enabling children to choose whether their learning takes place inside or outside. 

Children in this room attend with full day 8am-6pm sessions or half day options (8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm), where funding can be taken during term time or stretched all year round.  All three of our Kindergarten rooms work closely together and share the same garden space, with individual freeflow areas.  The approach to the curriculum is consistent across all groups and are teacher led, joining together for small group times for phonics and maths input.

The room is organised into different areas which are regularly enhanced to reflect children's changing interests.  A range of child initiated and adult facilitated activities take place, varying from baking, to art activities, gardening, music and sports.  Children have the opportunity to participate in our Forest School too. 

We offer Forest School sessions for every child once a week, and spend a lot of time walking, exploring and learning in the woods. Forest School sessions allow children to take part in activities like tool work, cooking on the fire and imaginative games safely with support from highly qualified staff. Ofsted (2019) commented 'Children are exceptionally well informed about how to keep themselves safe. They learn to take risks through exploring the natural environment.' 

A key person system operates in all rooms allowing parents to liaise with a member of staff about their child's development and learning.  Observations and annotated photographs of the children's journey and progress through EYFS will be recorded in their online learning journal through eyLog.  Key persons make professional judgements of where their children are at in their journey through the EYFS and make individual learning plans for all children. 

The staff ratio in this room is a minimum of 1:8 and is further enhanced during Forest School sessions.