What is EyLog?

What is eyLog?

Eylog is simply an online learning journalStaff record observations on tablets which are supplied with a custom 'firmware' in which all applications, except for eyLog have been removed.  This ensures the tablets cannot be misused. No data is held either on the tablets or on the EYC computer. As soon as an observation has been recorded and uploaded to the eyLog server, it is automatically removed from the tablet.

Staff will be able to capture your child in a photograph, a video clip or a voice recording, as well as written observations, which you can view instantly.  These observations will be uploaded to a secure web-based learning journal to which you as a parent will have access to.  We are also able to track progress and identify trends, across the EYC. EyLog provides a fantastic way of sharing with parents and other family members about your child's time at nursery and is great for parent partnerships.

Parents information once your child has started

You will get an email notification with your password to access your child's journal.  We encourage parents to contribute to the learning journal by commenting on the observations, adding your own photos from home, adding any current interests  or 'wow' moments.  EyLog have a parent app you can download for ease of accessing observations.  Three times a year your child's Key Person will make a professional judgement to update where your child is at in the EYFS, this will appear blank in the observation until we print it when your child moves to the next room or leaves Older Kindergarten.  Following the professional judgement you will then receive a learning plan, you will receive an email link to access it, it can only be accessed from a website and not through the parent app.  The learning plan shows the professional judgement and next steps your key person has made, we value any comments from parents/carers and any next steps you are working on at home and then you submit it back to your key person.  When your child is two, your Key Person will do a 'Two Year Old Check' which is a statutory requirement and this will be sent in a link to you through eyLog, we recommend parents contribute to this and submit it back.  At the end of Older Kindergarten your key person will also write a Summary Report of where your child is and share this with parents and the teacher at your child's school.

EyLog can be accessed through the top right icon on the website or via this link https://1.eylog.co.uk/index.php/custom-login/