Our Nursery

Kindergarten Hares

''It is absolutely critical that we start with the child, be led by the child and find ways to respond which suit the child." (Anna Ephgrave, 2018)

  • counting, glass beads, wood cookies
  • balancing on plank, Forest School
  • bottle feeding cade lamb
  • woodworking with children
  • playing piano
  • mark making at kitchen table
  • upstairs in tree house
  • dresser
  • lunchtime

Within the Kindergarten Hares room we aim to provide your child with exciting opportunities to encourage their self confidence, independence and school readiness. 

Once your child turns 3 and you can apply for funding, there are a few options for you to choose from. This room offers 9am-3pm, 9am-1pm, 9am-12pm and 12pm-3pm sessions. 30 hours funding can be taken over 5 days 9am-3pm, or 15 hours funding can be taken over two 9am-3pm days and a 9am-12pm or 12pm-3pm session, which is offered on a Friday.  Alternatively 15 hours can comprise of three 9am-1pm sessions and one 9am-12pm on a Friday.  Please get in touch and we can discuss your preferred hours further. 

All three of our Kindergarten rooms work closely together and share the same garden space, with individual freeflow areas.  The approach to the curriculum is consistent across all groups and are teacher led, joining together for small group times for phonics and maths input.

The room offers inviting open ended learning opportunities within its environment. The areas within the room are continually enhanced to reflect the childrens interests and promote learning. We offer free flow to our patio and garden, ensuring that outdoor play and learning is always available for the children. Staff within the room offer child focussed activities which encourage the children's development using Planning in the Moment. Within this room we support the childrens routines and preferences while encouraging independence. 

We offer Forest School sessions for every child once a week, and spend a lot of time walking, exploring and learning in the woods. Forest School sessions allow children to take part in activities like tool work, cooking on the fire and imaginative games safely with support from highly qualified staff. Ofsted (2019) commented 'Children are exceptionally well informed about how to keep themselves safe. They learn to take risks through exploring the natural environment.' 

The staff ratio within the Kindergarten Hares room are at a minimum of 1:8 with enhanced ratios for Forest School.