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Fees and Frequently Asked Questions


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Forest School and Environmental Education School Trip Fees with effect from September 2023



Price Per Child

9:45am - 2:30pm


9:45am - 11:45am


12:30pm - 2:30pm



There is no charge for a half day farm session, as this can be funded through a government Higher Level Stewardship Scheme for 25 sessions a year.

We offer lunch cooked over a fire for £5.25 per child.  Children will help build a fire and can help cook parts of the meal, for example, cooking bread in our earth oven. A bespoke six week Forest School programme can be tailored to your schools requirements, at reduced rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the hand washing and toilet facilities?  When using our Base Camp for Forest School, a barrel of clean water with a running tap shall be provided along with soap and a clean towel for drying hands.  For farm sessions we have a porta cabin next to the farmyard with two toilets and hand washing basins, along with a hand washing trough based in the farmyard.  The toilet at Base Camp is a compostable toilet located within a wooden shed.  We also have a designated pee tree area in each of our base camps for boys to use!


  • How do children stay safe using tools and building fires?  Before using any of the tools on Forest School, a group safety talk is given to all children on the tool, its purpose and how to use it safely. We also ensure children maintain a blood bubble when using a tool with an adult. When we are building fires for our Forest School session, we again, have a group safety talk on how we build a fire together and how we must remember to stay on the outside of our fire circle unless a child is asked to come in by a leader.


  • What do children need to bring?  Children should wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the weather conditions.Even if it is a dry day, waterproofs and wellington boots may be required if base camp is wet from previous days, enabling children to stay dry whilst participating in a range of activities.


  • Are our staff first aid trained?  All of our Forest School Leaders are paediatric first aid trained and carry a first aid kit.


  • What happens if the weather is bad?  Children will attend Forest School in all weathers except high winds and thunderstorms. In the event of these weathers, we will discuss with the lead teacher as soon as possible to talk through alternative options for the day or possible postponing.


  • What is the process for booking a trip or visit into school?  For schools visiting for the first time we recommend a pre-visit meeting where we can show you around our facilities and plan the trip together.  Once details are arranged of dates, times and session plan, we type it all up in a confirmation of booking and email it over with the relevant risk assessments, invoice and terms and conditions.


Some lovely feedback from Teachers from previous trips:

"The booking process was very easy.  Great Wood Farm were very accommodating in an allowing us a date that suited.  The risk assessments were sent over promptly."


"It was very helpful to be able to look around before booking and all our questions were answered."


"The trip was superbly well organised and the children had plenty of time to learn and play in each area we visited."


"The children's engagement with this trip was far beyond other locations we have tried in the past eg. Nene Valley Railway.  It must be because the children were so actively involved, rather than listening to information."


"10/10! Very organised, friendly and approachable."


"The staff were really friendly and accommodating of children's interests. Everyone knew what was happening and when."


"The children are still buzzing from the trip.  It has sparked them playing lots of games in our outside area where they are building dens."


".....there was also the freedom for the children to explore the other woodland and just be children!"


"The children benefitted from experiencing a new environment and exploring the different activities as well as understanding the need to follow safety rules."


"The children had a great day and enjoyed their adventures."