School Trips

Forest School Trips

Our Forest School trips are based in our purposefully developed Forest School base camp, approximately ten minutes walk away.

  • forest school shelter
  • den building team work

How does the Forest School at Great Wood Farm work? 

We offer schools one off Forest School taster sessions or a Forest School programme over a series of weeks.  For a programme, each session begins by reviewing the previous session, reinforcing the learning taken place. A series of sessions are fantastic for developing deep level learning and personal development such as self confidence.  More information in our Forest School and its benefits to learners can be found in 'The Great Outdoors' section of this website or through the following link

The Forest School Routine

A brief health and safety talk and overview of the theme, introduces the session.  All of the resources required are loaded onto a child friendly trolley, which the children navigate to our base camp in the woods; developing their team working skills along the way.  Once at base camp, the boundaries are discussed and two safety games are introduced, ‘1, 2, 3 Where are you?’ and '1,2,3, Help!’ giving the children a safety base for free exploration.  A mixture of child initiated and adult led activities then begin.  Every session concludes by reviewing through a range of methods; this encourages the children to reflect on the activities they have taken part in and reinforces all new learning.

 Forest School Fees

Session Price Per Child
9:45am - 2:30pm £10.00
9:45am - 11:45am £6.50
12:30pm - 2:30pm £6.50


We also offer lunch cooked over a fire for £3.50 per child.  Children will help build a fire and can help cook parts of the meal, for example, cooking bread in our earth oven. A bespoke six week Forest School programme can be tailored to your schools requirements, at reduced rates.

Forest School Themes

Below are a list of our Forest School taster sessions you can choose from.  For a programme sessions are planned from the previous sessions, allowing the children to take the lead.

Theme Description School years suitable for
Fires Collect firewood and build a fire, following our safety rules at all times.  A range of different foods can be cooked on the fire and can be eaten as a snack or lunch at an additional cost of £3.50 per child. This can be tailored to all year groups
Charcoal Make our own charcoal by whittling bark off willow sticks.  Sticks are then placed in a tin over a fire, when done, children can use the charcoal to make a special drawing.  Children learn how to use a knife and build a fire, following our safety rules. This can be tailored to all year groups
Fairies and Goblins Tell a story about the fairies and goblins living in the woods and how the fat bottomed dragon came and squashed their village, how could we help?  Encourage children to design and make gifts to leave for them and share them with the group at the end. Foundation Stage and Year 1
Africa Set the scene - in parts of Africa there have been a drought in recent times and people are weak with hunger.  The food fairies are coming to collect gifts to take to these people, encourage children to design and make gifts (they can have magical powers) for the Africans, tools are available to use if children wish (following our safety rules). Years 2 to 6
Auditory Exploration Find a magic spot, listen to the sounds and draw the origin of the sound on a paper plate, on the side the sound is coming from.  Design and make a natural musical instrument out of woodland materials. This can be tailored to all year groups
Imaginary Themes Themes and related activities can be designed to meet children’s current interests, e.g. Pirates, Indians, Dinosaurs or Superheroes. Reception to Year 2
Exploring Senses Explore the use of senses outdoors, blindfold adventures to include a rope trail, and make a woodland scent.  Complete a senses worksheet, thinking about how we have used our five senses. This can be tailored to all year groups
The Potential of a Stick Encourage children to come out with their own ideas in how they could use a stick.  Following activities available - mark making with sticks with mud, make streamers on sticks, build a human body out of sticks, exploring our bones and their positioning. This can be tailored to all year groups
Woodland Trails Split into two groups, and create a trail for the other group, using sticks and arrows to guide the way and leave special treasures and scents found from the woodland for the other group to explore along their journey.  Teach children simple knots for tying sticks together. Years 2 to 6
Signs of Spring Explore how the woods are changing in spring, make a woodland scent by crushing smells found on the woodland floor.  Nest challenge – build a nest in an appropriate place, to withstand the elements and will hold a clutch of eggs.  Who’s is the strongest nest?  This can be tailored to all year groups
Summer Adventures Read ‘Listen Listen’, decide the season we are in and go on a hunt for clues!  Dandelion secrets – writing with invisible stem sap, leave to dry and your picture or message will be revealed!  Create a woodland window by learning to bind sticks together to create a rectangle, fill with signs of summer found in the woods.  Find a magic spot and listen to the sounds of the wood. This can be tailored to all year groups
Autumn Watch

Explore how the woods are changing with the season, spy on treetops and forest floors with mirrors, collect colourful leaves and make leaf crowns, mobiles or collect blackberries, squeeze and use the juice to do natural paintings.  On dry days create a pile of fallen leaves and have a leaf storm!

Autumn themed land art – look for leaves of different colours to create an autumn masterpiece.
This can be tailored to all year groups
Winter Wonders Discuss hibernation and how birds and animals adapt and survive through the winter.  Build a home for a hedgehog or wood mouse.  Make bird feeders in a pine cone to take home.  Stick weaving – find a forked stick on the woodland floor, weave wool around it to create a framework and weave objects found into it.  Winter texture scavenger hunt. Explore environmental artists like Andy Goldsworthy, create 3D sculptures out of woodland materials.  Make a Christmas decoration out of woodland materials. This can be tailored to all year groups