Our Nursery

The Baby Room

'Play is the beginning of knowledge.' (George Dorsey)

Our aim in The Baby Room is to ensure your child is nurtured to become a confident, happy and inquisitive child.

The Baby Room incorporates our babies and young toddlers. We offer a high quality of care, in our lounge, play room with dining area and separate bedroom.  The rooms have been arranged to create a homely environment, where the babies and toddlers can feel relaxed and secure.  The play room provides a spacious area for the older children to explore and investigate.  The cosy rooms allow the babies and toddlers to be in separate rooms, or together to learn from each other.

The rooms are well equipped with age appropriate resources, and provide opportunities for the children to explore and investigate. The children have varied sensory opportunities and experiences, both indoors and outdoors, to develop their independent thinking. Treasure baskets and heuristic play (collections of everyday objects with lots of scope for imaginative play and problem solving) are frequently used for the child’s development in all areas.  Your child’s journey and progress through the EYFS is recorded in their learning journal which is available online through eyLog. Key Person's make professional judgements of where their children are at in their journey through the EYFS and make individual learning plans for all children. 

The children learn through play, and access a variety of activities promote all of the prime areas of the EYFS; the prime areas are the focus for The Baby Room.  A lot of this learning takes place outside, which we promote throughout the year.  We also have facilties to offer outdoor sleeping for babies, this may happen whislt babies fall asleep in pushchairs on a walk in the woods or farm or on rest beds in our outdoor sleep hut.  if parents prefer they can opt for their babies to sleep inside in our cosy sleep room.

A daily diary is recorded in a communication diary and will be shared with parents at the end of each day – this will record your child’s routine. These diaries go home with your child each day. Our key person system operates in this room and promotes parent partnership ensuring the best possible outcomes for the children. We always welcome and encourage parental input and greatly value working with parents.

The staff ratio in this room is a minimum of 1:3.