The Great Outdoors

The Animals

  • feeding a donkey
  • stroking a hen
  • looking at sheep in the field
  • goats
  • chickens

All children across GWFEYC have a lot of contact with the animals. They experience a hands on approach to learning about them and witness lambing season, sheep shearing and collect eggs from the hens. We have 4 chickens and 2 pygmy goats.

In June 2014, we bought two donkeys called Freddy and Misty. They live in the paddock at the back of the nursery garden, the children enjoy feeding them carrots and apples and love hearing their loud 'braying' sounds! 

We also have a pony called Beano who arrived in Summer 2017. Beano is a Shetland pony he is gentle natured and loves the attention from the children.